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Stephanie Yax
Stephanie studied Theatre Arts at Georgia Southern University before transferring to Belmont University where she majored in Religion and obtained her B.S. in Liberal Studies. Stephanie is a trained vocalist who has been singing & acting since her childhood. Her work includes stage, feature film, radio, voice over, recording, & worship-leading projects. Stephanie writes on Faith & Spirituality at Find her on social media @awakingheartarts.


Let It Flow

Worship does not originate with the worshipper. Worship originates with the object of worship, namely, God Almighty. -Ronnie Floyd, Cross Church
I had lunch with a friend this week and we got talking about leading worship in church. I told her I've been struggling to feel passionate during musical worship when I'm not leading or helping to lead.
I know that worship in it's broadest sense encompasses more than just music and I am genuinely striving to worship God with my life as a whole. Yet, somehow I just haven't been "feeling the feels" in church when I'm not participating in the leading. I wondered aloud if this is a sign that I miss helping lead worship in church and need to get back into it, or a symptom that my heart is in the wrong place. After all, if I don't feel a lot of excitement about physically participating in congregational singing, what business do I have doing it from the platform?
I was surprised that my worship-leader friend shrugg…

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