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Friday, April 17, 2009

Bloody Haven

Woke up this morning
With a dagger in my heart
Put the feelings into verse
But now I can't recall the art

All I know is that I love you
I have loved you from the start
Disappered with all my dignity
To purify my heart

But there you are again
And here I go
The blood was always there
Now its rising to the surface
See it dripping everywhere

Crucify the ghostly presence
Like the One who was and is
And therefore is the fountain
Of this love that ever lives

Can I walk into the fire
And retain my heart once more
Reveal the gaping wound
My freedom
That has cleansed me evermore

Throw my body in the river
Let it all be washed away
As my flesh is dashed upon the rocks
My spirit floats away

Separated from myself
And separated from you still
And yet contained within the water droplets
Blood and flesh
The meal
That will save my shaking soul
Restore my body and my heart
I will give up my identity
To find myself a part
Of the whole

Bloody Heaven
Empty Hell
Shallow visions
Deeper well
I am stronger than destruction
When I Am is all
I am

© Stephanie Yax:  2009