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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

That One Perfect Thing

It's been 9 months, to-the-day, since I last posted a blog update. It's taken that long to recover my desire to write. I keep forgetting it's what I do. It doesn't matter that I don't make a living at it or have an audience for it.

There are so many voices out there, all vying for public attention. I don't like to vy. I want to put good things out into the universe silently... like releasing a balloon up into the sky on a clear day. You know it will land somewhere eventually, but you don't know where it might descend or whom it might descend upon. You can't control whether the finder perceives the meaning of your once-floating treasure or simply sees a deflated piece of latex fit only for the trash. In the end, the result doesn't matter as much as the act itself.

Still, there is something about knowing that I've touched someone else's heart with my words that delights me like nothing else. It's like finding that one perfect thing, when a one-size-fits-all gift would never do. Anybody can sign her name to a Hallmark card. I want to offer a gem... one shining piece of perfection that, when lifted from it's tiny velvet box, glimmers with beauty & value.

Oh, to offer a gift of worth to the world. To know just the right thing to say to someone at just the right time is like giving food to the hungry, medicine to the sick, direction to the lost. To be able to lift someone's head just enough that he sees the rainbow in the sky above him is, for me, the most inspiring act of love.

Therein lies my desire to write. I have been given a gift to communicate with words. Sometimes words are a balm that brings healing, other times they are a sword that brings freedom. Either way, nothing gives me greater joy than to use words well. What earthly value there might ever be in that, I do not know. But, I need to do it anyway.

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.
-Proverbs 25:11, NKJV

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