Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Fish For Whom the Bell Tolls: An Obituary

We are officially a pet-free home! Our one, low-maintenance (by no accident, I assure you) pet, Tie-Dye the beta fish, went to be with Jesus in the Heavenly streams of peace last night.

...Or today. I don't know when, exactly, cuz nobody really paid much attention to that fish, except to throw some food into his bowl & change the... hmm, when WAS the last time I changed that fish's water? Oops.

OK, so I might be responsible for the fish's demise on some level... but I think an autopsy would just be over-kill. Did I say "kill?" I did not mean to make a pun there.

I liked that fish! He allowed my children to be able to have a pet without costing me a dime beyond his initial adoption needs. OK, water & a little elbow grease to clean out his habitat once every few months... er, weeks. But, beyond that, you couldn't ask for a more pleasant pet.

And so, you can imagine my astonishment when Miranda informed me in a hushed tone at fish-feeding time this afternoon that Tie-Dye no longer was.

Before the tears of bewilderment & grief could stain my child's precious innocence, I whisked the fish bowl out to the back porch & began a ceremony.

As we dug a hole in the soil of my potted basil, I told Miranda that Tie-Dye's life would go on as he fertilized our food. As we covered him over with dirt, church bells tolled in the distance.  

I kid you not. Never heard bells from this house in the two years we've lived here, yet somehow at the precise moment that our beloved pet was interred, they rang from someplace nearby and we knew: somewhere on high our fish was known, that his purpose was met, that the circle of life would go on.

Miranda seemed content with our handling of the matter & I was reminded of the fact that the same God who numbers the hairs on our heads, who clothes the lilies in their fragrant petals, whose eye is on the sparrows... also knows our quiet, colorful, unbothersome beta fish for whom the bell tolled.