Friday, September 25, 2015

The Crash

Just as the vapors mingled high in the sky
To a screeching halt it all suddenly came
The crash 
                 heard on the other side
Sent out shivers and ripples of shame

The waves of confusion tripped the alarms
Which blared out over the spread
And armies began to take up arms
Clearing space for what was said

Linking together to navigate
Land mines old of age
Subtle direction for journeying forward
Beckoning from the page

Untangling of cords proved naught for the wisest
But for the persevering heart
Was oil and wine and tears of repentance
                      within the part

Intimacy in the quiet places
Secrets in the sacred spaces

Whispered words of unmade art
Breath spoken back into the heart

Passion burning in new locations
Frustration begetting new creations

Unexpected engagements

At the altar of covenant
Is new life